All day & Everyday at Pre-K VSA!

Theme 1

Question: How can getting to know each other help us unlock and begin our Preschool Magical Adventure?


Description: A map of the school has been delivered to us in our section. We must follow the given directions in order to get to the treasure box that is holding our Magical Adventure. In order to unlock this treasure box, we must get to a specific place in our school and find a hidden picture of our friend. Attached to this picture is a key. We can only take the key, once we get to know our friend on that picture by questioning him or her, by reading the answers their mom and dad have shared with us as well as by opening their secret bag holding their four secret items. In order to begin our mission, let's get to know all about our teacher's first!!!

Theme 2

Question: Boys and girls, Dr. Bunsen Honeydew has transformed our Halloween candy during one of his experiments done in his lab, into different Halloween creatures! Will decoding his message help turn them back? Will we get our candy delivered in time for our Halloween Party?